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Breaking Ground on a New Era at NHS!

On the drawing board since 1974 the long-awaited Aquatics Complex and Sports Medicine Center are now under construction!
After more than 40 years of dreaming, talking and planning, the tractors are fired up and construction has begun on Northgate High School's Aquatics Complex and Sports Medicine Center! Northgate Community Pride Foundation, Northgate High School leadership, the Mount Diablo Unified School District and countless volunteers and contributors like you have made one of the most complex projects ever taken on at Northgate a reality. Projects like these are never easy, yet construction is under way and current timelines are calling for completion of the complex in February 2015.

As is always the case with these significant projects, the usual strong support from the Northgate Community Pride Foundation and many donors has helped make this all possible. The funds raised, coupled with the funding from Measure C, have been instrumental in getting this project off or in this case in the ground. But there is still a need for significant funding to complete the facilities with the desired amenities that current plans call for in a first rate complex.

When completed, we will have one of the finest aquatic facilities in Contra Costa County. The pool will be 40 meters x 25 yards and will accommodate 16 lanes. The facility will be able to host two concurrent water polo contests and allow Northgate to host larger, championship level tournaments and swim meets as well. We will also be housing a new sport's medicine facility that has also long been a dream. For the first time in history, athletes will no longer need to travel to practice and finally know the true feeling and pride of a "home pool advantage."

Our "Let's Pool Together" campaign has been a success, but we need to continue our fundraising efforts. To date, we've raised over $600,000 and we still need to raise another $400,000 a very obtainable goal! We're entering the final phase of this project and now is the time to help us reach the final milestone. With your help, the donations received over the next four-months will provide the ability to complete the final phase of the project which will include score boards, lighting, pool equipment and other standard features of the complex.

If you have a son or daughter participating in swimming, water polo or the sports medicine program, today or in the future, the school needs your help in pushing this tremendous project to the finish line. In the end, it's the kids who are the true winners. So we ask you to please join us once again in becoming part of this meaningful and lasting legacy for Northgate High School, and encourage you to make a donation today.

And while the Sports Medicine program and swimming and water polo programs touch many, the school's physical education will utilize the pool for its curriculum, enhancing the experience for every student who attends Northgate High School. We will continue to provide updates on the project on a regular basis. We also encourage you to visit our Facebook page to see real time updates.

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